Protecting My Christmas Tree Cord

We bought a new Christmas tree this year. And I did something I’ve never done before: I bought a pre-lit tree. I was so terrified of plugging it in and the lights just NOT turning on. We ended up braving a pre-lit tree mostly because I wanted a tall tree for my tall ceiling, but didn’t […]


2017 Declutter Challenge – Starts January 2nd

It is almost time!!! The 91 Day Declutter Challenge will start January 2nd. Woohoo!!!!! If you want an organized home, getting rid of the clutter has to be your first step. Organizing clutter is a big waste of time. There is no real way of doing it well, so there is no system to keep […]


Woodburning – My New Hobby

I found a new hobby! Okay, that’s not really a new thing, because I collect hobbies in my spare time. I love learning new things and creating things relaxes me, which results in me wanting to learn new craft hobbies for my rejuvenation time. Creative time is a kind of therapy for me – I […]

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Depression and Your Messy House

In a few-ish days, I’m going to be announcing all the details for the 5th Annual Declutter Challenge. As I prepare the materials for the challenge, I’ve got clutter and mess on my brain. I’m not a psychologist or a trained counselor, but I’ve had a lot of hands-on experience working with my organizing clients. […]

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FREE December Printable {2016 Calendar}

Every month I love to share a free monthly calendar printable with you. To keep all my calendar printables organized in one place (the FREE printable and the for-Purchase printables), I put the links to the FREE printable inside of the descriptions of the Calendar products in my shop. Yes, I realize that I’m probably […]

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You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Before I share the excitement, I wanted to make sure you remembered about the Holiday Meal Planner Printable. It is a Free Printable ALL about organizing THE biggest meal of the year. I’m hosting 20 people this year (yes, amidst the chaos of house renovations!) and I have needed these printables to get myself organized. […]

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Practical Stocking Stuffers (that I want!)

Growing up, I always had some fruit at the bottom of my stocking, nuts you had to crack open with a nutcracker, then things like a toothbrush, deodorant, hair brush … or any hygiene item I needed, some candy, gum, socks, underwear, gloves or a scarf, and then a small special present. And I thought […]