Get Rid Of Fruit Flies For Good

I have a trick. I learned it from my friend Wendy. I went to Wendy’s house and noted an absence of fruit flies. Very notable during any summer. She was nice enough to share her trick with me. And I’m nice enough to share it with you. You’re welcome in advance!

Step 1 (this is my step): Wash your fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home from the market, especially your bananas! Bananas are a fruit fly breeding ground and they lay their lovely eggs right in the peel of your bananas. Totally gross, right?!  I use a little non-toxic, organic Basic H and water. I just spray my fruit down with the same bottle I clean my stainless steel, and then rinse. This simple step makes me feel so much better about the fruit hanging around my house until eaten. Know what I mean?

Step 2 (this is Wendy’s step): Put a piece of fruit, already a little too ripe or perfectly fresh, into a mason jar. Cover the jar with Saran wrap. Then use a sharp toothpick to poke little holes in the Saran wrap. Make one hole a bit bigger for a fruit fly to fit into. It might surprise you, but the fruit flies will not find this hole  to come out. That part seems like magic to me, but this has been tested: it works!

Step 3: Collect your jar of fruit flies until it starts it is crowded in there, and then go take the lid off far away from your house outside and set those babies free. You may want to change out the fruit before it goes totally rotten, otherwise it will get gross in there. Change out your fruit and it never looks gross sitting up on your counter.

My kids love catching fruit flies! They feel like it is a science experiment and go count them up or shake the jar a little.

Go on, rid your house of fruit flies forever!


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30 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Fruit Flies For Good

  1. Now that’s a cool idea!! I had some in my kitchen not too long ago, and I did my dad’s trick: set some beer out for the gnats. Next morning, the glass of beer has gnats floating like crazy in it, haha. But your way is much nicer to them.

    Visiting from Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

    – Jaime

  2. Hey! I like this tip. I tried making fruit fly traps last year with a paper made into a cone, it worked but it was a real pain trying to get the paper into a cone shape and yet not have any space in the jar. I’m going to try this. (kind of regret that I tossed out (recycled) a few jars last week. :) Luckily they haven’t been too bad this year so far.

    My question though, is doesn’t washing your fruit when you get home make them go bad sooner?? That’s the main reason I don’t! And never would have thought about washing bananas.

    You do know that this post is going to be pinned… ? :)

    1. I’ve not noticed washing my fruit causing it to ripen sooner, but I’ll watch for that. Maybe because I dry it really well? I know the jar really works. After a day of the jar, the only fruit flys in my kitchen were in that jar!

      And thanks for pinning!

  3. wow great tip on washing the bananas! i will be doing that from now on because otherwise i will think of fruit flie eggs. gross! :-) thanks for sharing!

  4. lol! It’s so funny that you would post on these little pests, Mary! We just had a hatch of fruit flies appear out of nowhere. They were all over the place and driving me caaaraaazzzy! I Googled it and used your method, only I put a bit of wine with a squirt of dishsoap in the bottom of the mason jar. The flies drowned themselves….and my house is free of swatting hands now! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  5. wonderful idea, just one question, how long does the fruit flies usually last in the flask alive if I do not set them free?

  6. I have a Sundew plant that works wonders for me, sometimes even better than my Venus Fly Trap. I just put it wherever I see the flies, and soon the sundew is sprinkled with the little devils!

  7. Thank you Mary I’m going to try it I have cleaned and sprayed even put bleach down the drain no fruit but still fruit flies

  8. I have a few here and there in our kitchen I. Our bathroom and daughters room ? Should I place jars in all thosr rooms I absolutely hate those gross bugs

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