De-Clutter Your Home in 91 Days! A Challenge starting next week!

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In January I had a baby, after a very difficult pregnancy. During all this time, things started to build-up. I’ve not been getting rid of clutter at the rate I used to and I need a fresh start without extra junk clouding my daily vision. There is so much I want to do in my life, for my family, for myself, but it is hard to just stay caught up right now.

I know with less stuff in the house, it will be easier to keep it clean and I will get to move on.

Do you feel stuck at your house? Is clutter causing you any stress? How free would you feel to have a clean and organized house right now? What would you do next?!

Let’s get rid of the clutter together! Join my challenge and I will guide you through the process. Most of the discussion will happen in our closed Facebook group: Get Organized Today. (<—- click to join!)

DECLUTTER your home in 91 days - The Challenge

Throughout this process, I will be sharing pictures of my home. I’ve shown you lots of places in my home that I have decorated, but there is lots more space here that I have NOT decorated or shown. I’m okay with it, because that is my real life, just want to prepare your expectations. :)

Here is the game plan for the next 13 weeks or 91 days! Each week I will post about the challenge on Sunday night, giving suggestions, and guidance. Sometime during the following week I will give an update on my own progress. I’ll be working right along with you!

Be sure to join our Facebook group for support during the whole process!

De-Clutter your home in 91 days with this plan

Be sure to take pictures as you go! On the last week, I will host a link-up party for anyone that participates. This link-up party will be open for blogs, and Pinterest accounts (for non-bloggers) and will have a voting function for prizes! (More info to come on prizes so stay tuned!)

What do you think of that? De-cluttering with guidance, support, and prizes for finishing.

Who is ready to re-claim their homes in 91 days?

Me! Me! Me!!!

Better sleep now so I have the energy to de-clutter,

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60 thoughts on “De-Clutter Your Home in 91 Days! A Challenge starting next week!

  1. 13 weeks? I think my garage would take that long! Can I follow along but be a week behind? My house isn’t easily divided into zones that make sense.

    heading over to FB

    1. Husband and discussed this at dinner tonight and he laughed at a week for the kitchen, dining and pantry. I’m going to follow along and am starting in the kitchen but will do it one drawer at a time.

  2. I am with you! Hubby and I were just discussing this!! I need to clear out! I am 14 weeks pregnant and need to organize a 2 bedroom home with a 7 year old! So excited for this!

  3. Is there a way to participate if you do not have a Facebook account? I am not on Facebook and do not wish to ever be on Facebook, but I need this challenge desperately!! My clutter build-up began 7 1/2 years ago when my twins were born 7 weeks early and a sibling followed fourteen months later!!! I still have not recovered. Now I have four kids and work outside the home. It feels like a losing battle EVERY day.

    1. Of course! Just participate right along on the blog and in the blog comments. The group is just an additional bonus. I had my twins and baby close like that too. My twins just turned 8. For sure that is a lot to recover from!

  4. Yay!! I’ve been looking for this exact kind if motivation!! I had a baby in July so I totally understand how the house can go and I’m so ready to gain control over it again!!!

  5. Yes! And I love that it is all done right before the winter holidays begin! The private group has been so inspiring I have already due cluttered the kids bathroom and a hall closet. Once they go back to school I will be even more motivated. Hardest thing to due clutter will be their playroom!

  6. I am going to try. Have three children…9, 6 & 2.5 months and we just have too much stuff and its all over the place…hubby and i are going to try as best as we can to follow the weeks…I love how its in sections and I don’t feel too overwhelmed to clean. I have so much more plans in life then be buried by my “clutter”. Thanks!

  7. I had my baby 3 years ago and need to get organized! Ha ha – kids are tough but I love organizing and so does my 5- year old!

  8. I am not on Facebook but will join right here. I am retired and downsizing by the end of the year. This is perfect timing for me. I just found your blog but will visit daily now! Thanks for the encouragement, Mel

  9. Oh, what a great idea! 91 days sounds much more reasonable than my usual approach of trying to do everything at once and in as little time as possible! No wonder I never get there in the end! I have sent a request to join the Facebook group – looking forward to starting the challenge!

  10. Is this challenge for Grannies too who have accumulated so much stuff over the years / Seems to be more for Mums with young families .

  11. I am in the process of buying a house and moving. Hoping this will motivate to purge and prepare for packing mode. Found you on pinterest yesterday and love your ideas. I’m in desperate need of organizing my home. Thank You.

  12. My hubby and I are downsizing and I have been giving my five kids all of their belongings that we have been storing for years. Feeling freer already! :0)

  13. I am so in! I have 5 boys that make keeping this house organized a constant challenge. I am recruiting them yet not expecting a whole lot of help. I want them to know what I am doing and why it is important. I honestly may have to go thru the 13 week challenge more than once to get it all under control, but most importantly I am committed to 13 weeks!

  14. It is so wierd how I was doing this and my friend posted this for me to join. Love this IDEA> I am going to jump in,if it is not too late. Thank you!

  15. Just found your site. I am excited I have been feeling claustrophobic in this house for well over a year now. I am excited and afraid of the time frame. I will be behind but will be working with you all.

  16. Mary, I appreciate the guidance. Very difficult to declutter when your character is prone to be a collector. I look forward to thinning out those items I truly don’t need. Wish me luck. Mama T

  17. Well I’m a few weeks behind, but I would love to start this. We actually just ripped up all our carpets and are now refinishing the wood floors underneath. So most of the rooms are empty now, but the rooms that didn’t need new floor are now chuck full of stuff. I am horrible at organizing things. I want a clean and well kept home, but have such a hard time knowing where to start and how to do it. I need tips on how to organize things within a room as well. I’m excited to get started!

  18. I sent you a FB request to join. Just found your site. I am loving what I have looked. I am thinking it is better late and never to join your challenge.

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