How To Use The Mary ORGANIZES Planner


I didn’t design my planner as an ordinary planner. If used to its potential, this planner can organize your life.

Think of what an organized life means – it means more time for what you love. I firmly believe that being organized doesn’t require an obsession with organizing. Organization is the backbone of a happy life – it keeps all the important parts moving together in balance.

I made a video explaining how to use the planner.  I thought it was a simpler way if I could show you while I talked.

And while I’m at it, to celebrate such a successful launch of the 2017 HM Planners and Declutter Challenge, I’ve created a bundle of Downloadable Printables making them 63% OFF the regular prices! It has the Editable Calendar, Declutter Pack, and BOTH sizes of Home Management Planners!

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Thank you to all those who have purchased their planners and declutter guides! Your purchases mean so much. I sincerely wish you the most organized and happiest year yet!


12 thoughts on “How To Use The Mary ORGANIZES Planner

  1. Thanks for doing this video. I had looked at your planners but didn’t buy one because it I couldn’t see how to use it. I have bought enough planners and notebooks to fill a cabinet (which will get tossed/donated when we get to decluttering the office!) and decided not to get another one that I will use for a couple of days/weeks until it gets too frustrating. After seeing this video though, I’m thinking I will get one.

  2. Thank you SO much for the video going over the planner. Since I couldn’t hold it in my hands and thumb through it, this is the next best thing so that I could really see if this will suit my needs or not. And it does! I’m ordering one.

    1. Dear Mary,

      I,’m Marija (Mary;-), mother of four (9, 6, 4 and 2 years old), from little european country Croatia. Two weeks ago I discovered Your blog via Pinterest and since than I red almost every of Your posts. I’m absolutely thrilled about Your way of thinking and advices about planning, organizing, decluttering, cleaning of Your household and about Your approach to life, family and children. That’s everything to what I’m tending to, but for what I often missed skills and now I’m learning that from You. Thank You so much.
      I want to order Your planner and I’m wondering can You ship it to Europe and how much will cost the shipping?

      Best regards and all the best whishes to You and Your family!


      P.S. And yes – I’m participating to Your Decluttering challenge:-) and that will be the great preparation for our moving this year.

      1. I’m so sorry! Right now I don’t ship outside of the US. Do you have any friends/family that could forward it to you? You could also buy the printable one and try putting it together there?? So so sorry!

        I’m glad you found the blog, even without a planner, I hope that it helps you!!

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