Tutorial: Easy Pillow Covers

Pretty tablecloths are an indulgence of mine. When I saw this tablecloth at Target, I knew just what I wanted to do: turn this tablecloth into Christmas Pillow Covers. Tablecloths are a very affordable way to get a whole bunch of festive fabric! And I knew just who I wanted to do it with – […]

14 Homemade Gift Ideas

I’ve been in such a crafting mood lately! Creating something, especially useful or beautiful things, has been so good for my sanity. I was searching blog-land for homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and found so many good ones that I had to share with you. I know I won’t have time to make them all, but […]

Create an Indoor Garden

This spring I was more ready for flowers than any other year. I’ve been craving some garden therapy. This year I decided to create a little indoor garden spot with a little utility cart. Just in case you could use some garden therapy, I want to share my little setup. 1) Place a utility cart, […]

DIY Foaming Hand Wash Recipe

I prefer foaming hand wash for any soap dispensers in my home that might be used by my kids, though if I’m being honest, I like to use it too. I’ve watched my children put soap on their hands many times. It goes something like this: They pump a dollop of soap onto their hands and […]

Easy Statement Art: Framed Fabric

Another title for this blog post might be IKEA frame + leftover fabric = Super Cheap and Easy Statement Art. The idea and plans for the new art above my fireplace mantel have been swirling in my head for a long time, and this weekend I finally made it happen. It was actually really easy. This is […]

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Since last Thanksgiving, thousands of people have downloaded my Thanksgiving Menu and Meal Prep Planner. It really is the simplest way to prepare and get organized for Thanksgiving. Since I’ve been married 10 years ago, most Thanksgivings have been hosted at my house. This is the sheet I use, and once you use it, you […]

Make Your Own Business Card Booklet

Whatever your profession, you might find yourself at conferences. Every conference I’ve ever been to, I end up with a ton of business cards. One of the great parts of conferences is networking with the other people there, so I want to keep the cards to remind me of conversations and people I’ve met. I […]

The Year-Round Wreath

I like to keep something festive on my door, but there are times when I’m not looking to celebrate something specific and just want something pretty. I am in love with hydrangeas at the moment and was itching to incorporate them into a wreath somehow, so I came up with a wreath design that would […]

Bar Stool Redo

My bar stools have bothered me for a while, not because I don’t like the style. I actually looked long and hard for super tall bar stools that had “window framing” in the back. What has bothered me is the shiny dark finish and the microfiber cushions. You can see how they looked in my kitchen […]