New House BEFORE Pictures (Finally!)

We moved furniture into this house on Labor Day weekend. In celebration of a month living in our new house in Texas, I thought I’d share the pictures I took the day before the furniture arrived. I call these the “before” pictures. Of all the homes I looked at, I chose this house, so obviously […]

Gathering Place – Love Home Challenge

I think when you decorate your home, you should ignore fads and trends for the most part. You know how everyone is making pure white houses right now, especially kitchens? No doubt I’ve seen some beautiful mostly-white homes, but I predict that soon people will start to crave a little warmth and color in their […]

Bedroom Week – Love Home Challenge

If I’ve failed to say it outright, let me fix that now: Your house is not going to look *just like you want it to* overnight. There are circumstances in which people gut and renovate an entire room and create their dream kitchen, spa-like master bathroom, or fill-in-the-blank-AMAZING-room in a short amount of time. These people usually are […]

Bathroom Week – Love Home Challenge

Bathrooms are an often overlooked room. We take them and the amount of time we spend in them for granted. Any room that you spend A LOT OF TIME in should look and feel good to you. You deserve to feel good in your home. Your family deserves to feel good in your home. Simple […]

Kitchen Week – Love Home Challenge

You may be in denial, but the truth is clear: How a room looks has a large impact on how we feel in that room and in how well we function in that room. During the Declutter challenge, a comment I get several times during the Kitchen Week is some version of “It feels so good in […]

I’m selling my house! See My Listing Photos …

A month ago I didn’t see this coming, but things were already in motion that would cause me to be MOVING IN TWO WEEKS!!! <Let’s pause a moment while I freak out.> Three weekends ago I travelled to our soon-to-be home state of Texas for some house-hunting. It was a whirlwind weekend in which I was […]

10 Inspiring Boy Rooms

Here are 10 inspiring boy bedrooms that look good and are organized. Kids can have fun in spaces that mom approves. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your little (or not so little anymore) man’s space? ~ 10 Inspiring Boy Rooms From Naptime Decorator – You had me at the sign! My little guy needs this immediately! The rest […]

10 Inspiring Girl Rooms

Here are 10 inspiring girl bedrooms that are beautiful and functional, crossing the lines between organized and art. Enjoy! ~ 10 Inspiring Girl Bedrooms From Design Loves Detail – Words can not express my appreciation for that hand-painted accent wall. That is not wall paper! The organizing is simple with shelves and drawers, but simple is my favorite. […]

10 Inspiring Master Bedrooms

The Master Bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is more important than the kitchen or the living room. It is where you spend most of your time – where you rest, and where you should find peace and sanctuary. It is the room you finish your day and begin each new […]

Peek In My Coat Closet

I think the curiosity to see behind the closed doors of our friends and family is natural. Recently I read that 40% of houseguests admit to snooping around the house! As a professional organizer, I think people feel extra curiosity … so I’d up that to 75% at least! Even though I don’t think this closet […]