Take Snacking in a Healthier Direction #GiantFlavor

Friday night I texted a few friends for an impromptu game night. Do you have game nights with your friends? Game nights have evolved with the addition of children, but we make it work still. The kids get to do their own thing while the adults sit around a board game at the table. I […]

Mini-Frozen Pizzas {For Busy Nights or Lunchboxes!}

I’m a big believer in homemade when it is better homemade. Homemade pizza is hard to beat! When I was creating the school lunch menu for my children, I decided to add in a pizza day. The easiest way to do this was to come up with a version that I could make in individual […]

The BEST Pizza Sauce (Freezable)

In my mind, this recipe is called “Grandma Bobo’s Pizza Sauce”, but since that might not evoke the same sentiment of good eating in your minds, I’ll call it The BEST Pizza Sauce. I don’t want anyone mistaking it for anything else. A good pizza sauce like this deserves to go on a good pizza. […]

Easy and Delicious - Cucumber Sandwich Appetizers

Cucumber Sandwich Appetizer {Recipe!}

Today I have a treat for you. I’m going to share with you my secret weapon for party appetizers. This appetizer mixes up quickly and easily and goes like hot cakes, because they taste SO GOOD! It all starts with 5 easy to get your hands on ingredients. Cut up the cucumbers diagonally and set […]

Orange-Mint Infused Water Recipe

Orange-Mint Infused Water

As you know from this post, I’m trying to drink a lot more water. I’m still dealing with cravings for something flavored. Infused Water is the perfect compromise between my health goals and my cravings. Wahoo! This is my recent flavor creation: Orange-Mint Infused Water. Place sliced oranges in the bottom of the pitcher and […]

Happy 4th of July!

I am probably the only blogger who didn’t make their own 4th of July door wreath/art. Each holiday I pick what gets my time and focus for my family, because I can not do it all. This year, the focus is … FOOD!!!! Of course, I am making this food today and haven’t made it […]

Five-Chocolate Muffins {And my photo backdrop trick!}

Here is the story of the Five-Chocolate Muffins. Like the rest of the universe, I use the term muffin loosely, because you can see from the picture that some people would call these cupcakes. I have this friend named Aimee who brought me muffins years ago. They were so delicious I asked for the recipe. […]

Sunday Brunch Menu for Cougar’s Blessing

A few weekends ago, our new baby Cougar was blessed at church. To attend the event and celebrate with us, my parents and Matt’s parents, as well as my grandma, stayed at our house. That is right, all under the same roof! My in-laws stayed in our guest room, all the girls stayed in our […]

Easy and Delicious Homemade Butter

Sunday I was looking online for a buttermilk substitute for a recipe I was making. In the process of searching, I found this interesting link about how to make butter. Since I planned to make bread with my girls the next day, I decided we could try this too. (Did you see our Turtle Bread […]

Bread Turtles

This week is Spring Break here in Arkansas. We are enjoying a stay-cation. (Aka: no alarm clocks, pjs all day, etc.) I also have the goal of putting up Spring and Easter decorations this week, especially since our parents (all 4) and my grandma are coming to stay at our house this weekend for Cougar’s […]