My Dad’s Very Organized Packing

Hopefully you’ve heard me tell you that I don’t believe you should have organized surfaces and messy drawers. I don’t like that it seems to indicate that we organize for what people see, because that isn’t why we organize. We organize to make our lives flow easier, and certainly things flow easier when we can […]

Balance Is A Myth

There is a question I get asked a lot – and I never quite know how to answer it honestly. I work really hard to keep my life and my house running smoothly, but inevitably it may still look easy from the outside looking in or it may even appear to run more perfectly than […]

Kids Chores and Routines Checklists

You might remember me mentioning in my post about our Quarter Jar Reward System that I have some wonderfully normal children. Beautiful, smart, clever, and amazingly normal when it comes to needing reminders and help to do what they are supposed to do. For a while I felt like I needed to record my voice after […]

Decluttering is for EVERYONE

One of the funniest things I hear in response to people learning about the Declutter Challenge is “Oh, I don’t need to declutter. I did something like that a few years ago and I’m still good.” Everyone needs to declutter. I do it as an annual event on the blog because we should be decluttering […]

Failure is a Perspective

There are times I go to bed with rooms in my house a total mess. I have those days just like everyone else. Here is an example. A few weeks ago, on a Thursday afternoon while my preschooler napped and my kids were at school, my living room was clean and tidy enough that I […]

All or Nothing – The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Perfectionism isn’t something you just get over and then you are done with it forever. You can learn a lot about yourself and perfectionism, how to give yourself more grace, and live a mostly reformed life, but during stressful times or when you least expect it, it creeps back in. Writing a post about All […]

What You Can Do

There are things I don’t do well, and sometimes I get so caught up focusing on those things, that I stop doing the things I can do. One of John Wooden’s best pieces of advice is “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Another way of saying that is “don’t let […]

Tutorial: Easy Pillow Covers

Pretty tablecloths are an indulgence of mine. When I saw this tablecloth at Target, I knew just what I wanted to do: turn this tablecloth into Christmas Pillow Covers. Tablecloths are a very affordable way to get a whole bunch of festive fabric! And I knew just who I wanted to do it with – […]

I Lost My Emails and I’m Okay

I could tell you this really boring story about how I accidentally deleted all my emails. I’d include details like how user files were stored in a strange folder on my computer. My hard drive was running out of space so I was trying to delete what I thought were obsolete files. They weren’t. Oops. There […]

Taking A Break {Remembering 3 Weeks Ago}

My husband encouraged me to write a blog post to say that I will be recycling favorite blog posts while I prepare for my new website release and the upcoming planner season. Another friend encouraged me to just simply say “Everyone have a great fall, I’ll be taking a break for a little while.” I […]