2017 Declutter Challenge – Starts January 2nd

It is almost time!!! The 91 Day Declutter Challenge will start January 2nd. Woohoo!!!!! If you want an organized home, getting rid of the clutter has to be your first step because organizing clutter is a huge waste of time. There is no real way of doing it well, so there is no system to keep […]

Depression and Your Messy House

In a few-ish days, I’m going to be announcing all the details for the 5th Annual Declutter Challenge. As I prepare the materials for the challenge, I’ve got clutter and mess on my brain. I’m not a psychologist or a trained counselor, but I’ve had a lot of hands-on experience working with my organizing clients. […]

Seasonal Budget FREE Printable {Holiday Guide}

Today I have another holiday printable for you: A seasonal budget. I imagine you’re giving me the slow clap right now because you are so excited. Let me just think that, okay? I think the printable explains itself, but remember to stay in your budget. Our children really don’t want all the stuff we think they […]

2016 Holiday Guide {FREE PRINTABLE}

It’s THAT time of year again. The time we should see a mile away, thanks to the Christmas stuff that has been in the stores for more than a month now, but somehow it sneaks up on us anyway. Over the weekend, I mentioned to Matt that I was working on the 2016 Holiday Guide […]

5 Minute Organizing Projects: Small Games

As if there weren’t enough NEW things happening around here (remodeling and repairs started here today, the new planner season just started, and considering everything new that comes with moving and settling in a new area), I thought I’d start another new thing. I’ve shared quick tips for organizing that can be done very quickly, so now I’m […]

Moving? 10 Things A Professional Organizer Buys FIRST

I love being a Professional Organizer! Part of what I do for my clients is help strategize the best approach to tricky situations. Do you have a whole bunch of rooms that are a cluttered mess and you don’t know where to start? I help clients figure out where to start. I bet you already know that […]

New House BEFORE Pictures (Finally!)

We moved furniture into this house on Labor Day weekend. In celebration of a month living in our new house in Texas, I thought I’d share the pictures I took the day before the furniture arrived. I call these the “before” pictures. Of all the homes I looked at, I chose this house, so obviously […]

Back To School Prep Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE}

I’d prefer to live in denial or live in a place where school starts in September, but I don’t live in either of those places. For many of us, school starting is just around the corner! Does the idea of “Back-to-School” fill you with relief or dread? I feel a mixture. There is so much […]