Tour My Little Girl’s Room

I had so much fun showing you my twin girls’ room last week that I thought I would show you my other little girl’s room. And I told you in the other tour that I want to show you my authentic life, so I thought you’d enjoy seeing my little Izzy’s Room exactly as I […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning Challenge WRAP-UP

Today is the last day of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!! How are you doing?! Did you get your spring cleaning done? Be sure to tell me how it went in the comments and brag about all of your progress! If you started, but didn’t finish, good job! You are already ahead of so many people […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning, Week 4: The Last Week!

This is the last week! Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. I bet you feel better about your home and your family feels better too. This week is when all the hard work really pays off!! This week is actually 8 days – a Saturday at the end and beginning. Just remember that you can use […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning, Week 3: Let the Light In

This week is so exciting to me because my windows have really needed some love. Feel free to use whatever cleaners you want, but my explanations will include my favorite Shaklee cleaners. My suggested tools:  Vacuum with attachments Steamer (optional) Step stool Basic H2 for cleaning, dusting, and polishing. One bottle does it all. For wood, […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning, Week 2: Goodbye Dust

Congratulations for making it through Week 1!  Time to dig in and power through Week 2. It can be difficult to fit this in to your already busy lives, but be creative. Work as a family, have a friend come help, get it all done in a blaze Saturday morning. You can do this!!! My […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning, Week 1: Starting At The Top

Spring Cleaning is all about cleaning the random things you just don’t get to on a regular basis during the rest of the year. Spring Cleaning is about wiping away the dust and dirt from your home and embracing a clean slate. We mimic mother nature and start over, give life a fresh start. When […]

Get Ready!! The Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Okay, get ready! We are getting ready for the next blog challenge. This one might be the best yet, because it truly has a happy ending – Spring!! Come back Friday to get the details and get started. For one month, I will guide you through the tasks to get your home freshened up and […]

Wild Animals On Display ~ Nursery Decor Comes Alive

Truth be told, the only time I can catch pictures of the nursery is when my little man is awake, which makes for blurry photos. Please look past the photo quality and onto the awesomeness of the decor! I had this idea while I was pregnant and dreaming of the nursery. Now that I’ve actually […]

The Pantry Purge Challenge

Time for another challenge. Woohoo!! I love the camaraderie of working on these challenges with you. The support you all give each other in our Facebook group is incredible! This challenge is a bit self-explanatory, but I’ll explain a bit. Go about life as normal, but skip grocery shopping for a few weeks. Shop from […]

What A Week! – The Mini De-Clutter Challenge Wrap-Up

I’m so excited to report to you the major success last week! In case you are new, last week we did a Mini De-Clutter Challenge. You can read more about that HERE. I think the biggest indicator of success for our first Mini De-Clutter Challenge was how people have been begging to do it again […]