Christmas Storage: Putting Away Christmas Decor

There is one thing I store in my attic at my new house: all my Christmas Stuff. Since we only use it once a year, I like it all tucked away out of sight the rest of the year. I’m keeping our decorations out longer than usual this year since we didn’t even finish decorating […]

Practical Stocking Stuffers (that I want!)

Growing up, I always had some fruit at the bottom of my stocking, nuts you had to crack open with a nutcracker, then things like a toothbrush, deodorant, hair brush … or any hygiene item I needed, some candy, gum, socks, underwear, gloves or a scarf, and then a small special present. And I thought […]

Seasonal Budget FREE Printable {Holiday Guide}

Today I have another holiday printable for you: A seasonal budget. I imagine you’re giving me the slow clap right now because you are so excited. Let me just think that, okay? I think the printable explains itself, but remember to stay in your budget. Our children really don’t want all the stuff we think they […]

2016 Holiday Guide {FREE PRINTABLE}

It’s THAT time of year again. The time we should see a mile away, thanks to the Christmas stuff that has been in the stores for more than a month now, but somehow it sneaks up on us anyway. Over the weekend, I mentioned to Matt that I was working on the 2016 Holiday Guide […]

STAR WARS Stormtrooper Popcorn Box {FREE PRINTABLE}

One night recently, I thought I was being so clever putting my 3-year-old to bed. My husband was out of town on business, I was really tired, and I just wanted him to stay in bed! I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he listened attentively as I listed possibilities. When I […]

Back To School Prep Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE}

I’d prefer to live in denial or live in a place where school starts in September, but I don’t live in either of those places. For many of us, school starting is just around the corner! Does the idea of “Back-to-School” fill you with relief or dread? I feel a mixture. There is so much […]

DIY Tomato Cage Tutorial {Garden Tips}

Tomatoes are a huge part of our garden because we do so much with them. We use them for spaghetti sauce (fresh and frozen), salsa, tacos, salads, and more. We grow a lot of tomatoes and they all get used! As we re-did our garden foundation and raised beds this year, we thought we’d give […]

Aunt Julie’s Homemade Caramel

My seasonal love affair with homemade caramel started not-so-innocently. The Christmas my twins were infants (read: I was seriously sleep deprived), Matt’s Aunt Julie sent us an awesome Christmas package in the mail. The package came during the day while Matt was at work and I was home with the babies (read: struggling to figure […]

Keeping Clutter out of Christmas (A State of Mind)

Clutter is the unnecessary extra stuff, the things that don’t have a place to go, and the stuff that doesn’t fit in our home. Peace and joy abound at Christmas time, but so does clutter. Clutter can suffocate our Christmas spirit, but we can stop it! Here are a few of my tips to keeping […]