Dear Santa {Printable for Kids!}

Every year I gather my babies (my big kids will always be my babies too) around the kitchen table and have them make a letter to Santa. Every year I am surprised by what they write. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I whisper to each of my older kids to notice what […]

14 Homemade Gift Ideas

I’ve been in such a crafting mood lately! Creating something, especially useful or beautiful things, has been so good for my sanity. I was searching blog-land for homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and found so many good ones that I had to share with you. I know I won’t have time to make them all, but […]

Shopping and Errand Organizing Printable

I’ve updated another “old” (read: tried and true) printable. This is one of those printables you don’t know you need until you try it – then you won’t want to live without it during the holidays ever again! So much of my inspiration comes from filling my own needs. Before I created this printable, every […]

Christmas Gifting Lists {NEW!!}

If you’ve been following along with the Holiday Guide, you know it is time to plan your gifting for the season. Last minute rushes to the store can kill the peace & joy! A little planning and preparation, and you can relax knowing you’ve already thought through the details. What would planning and preparation be […]

Holiday Meal Planner {Perfect for Thanksgiving!}

  In the past 12 years, I’ve hosted Thanksgiving 10 times. This FREE Holiday Meal Planning Printable lets you organize your meal the same way I do. It prompts me to remember all the parts of the meal that I might forget, helps me puts all my thoughts in one place and organize my efforts. […]

Holiday Guide: Calendar & Checklist {2015 Edition}

I’m back with the 2015 Edition of My Holiday Guide. This Checklist and Calendar will help you take control of the next few months. Get ahead of the craziness and keep your sanity! And one exceptional feature of my guide – IT IS FREE! Consider it my Christmas gift to you. And that isn’t all, […]

That time I bought Lady Bugs

I really wish that I had written this post immediately after we released the lady bugs, so that I would still be optimistic that the lady bugs were going to stay around for a while and eat all the bad bugs from our garden. We did this last Wednesday, so less than a week, and […]

Create an Indoor Garden

This spring I was more ready for flowers than any other year. I’ve been craving some garden therapy. This year I decided to create a little indoor garden spot with a little utility cart. Just in case you could use some garden therapy, I want to share my little setup. 1) Place a utility cart, […]

Your Christmas Trees!

My Christmas tree has character. You see, I spend most of the year dictating the decor around the house. “This goes here and this goes there, and no, what is on the mantel is not a democratic decision.” But since Christmas time is a time for creating awesome family memories and blah, blah, blah … […]

5 FREE Printables to Organize Christmas

Sometimes I’m a professional organizer, but more of the time I’m a mom trying to organize life for my four kids. Christmas time should be fun and magical, not stressful and frenzied. Getting organized and having a plan helps simplify all the stuff and lets you focus on the joy. Print off these FIVE different […]