Inspiring Bathroom Decor for Girls

Raising girls is terrifying. To all the moms out there who have it all figured out – I’m impressed. I do not think I have it all figured out. I just keep trying my hardest. I hope my efforts will help my girls always remember their worth. There was a list of things I wanted my […]

Bathroom Week – Love Home Challenge

Bathrooms are an often overlooked room. We take them and the amount of time we spend in them for granted. Any room that you spend A LOT OF TIME in should look and feel good to you. You deserve to feel good in your home. Your family deserves to feel good in your home. Simple […]

Morning & Bath Time Grooming Baskets {This Is What I Do}

I have four kids and there are two kids’ bathrooms with baths. Yes, sometimes the little guy uses MY bathroom, but he is starting to transition to using the regular kids bathroom. I’m not going to pretend like 4 kids sharing two bathrooms is very hard … I think my kids live a pretty nice […]

Tour My Powder Bathroom

In all honesty, some parts of these pictures bother me a little bit to post for all the world to see. I look at them and think, why didn’t I move the little stool my 3 year old uses from in front of the toilet? Or, I could have moved the box of tissues off […]

Tour the Girls’ Bathroom

Today I am going to give you a little tour of my girls’ bathroom. We are lucky enough to have four bathrooms, and this is the third one I’ve shown on the blog. (You can see my Master Bathroom HERE or The Green Bathroom Here.) One of these days I’ll show you the little powder […]

Week #12 – Bathrooms {91 Day Declutter Challenge 2016}

The original content of this post has been removed because the 2016 Challenge has finished. The 91 Day Declutter Challenge runs right here every January! It is worth coming back for – See what people had to say about their experience this year! In the meantime … Other inspiration for Bathrooms Tour my Green Bathroom (2015) Tour […]

The Green Bathroom {Home Tour}

Today I want to show you one of our bathrooms. We call this one “The Green Bathroom”. It is the bathroom near the guest room upstairs, but it is also used by my kids some. There aren’t any windows, so the green walls could make the room dark, which is why I’ve decorated with bright […]

Master Bathroom Tour & Organizing Tips

It has been a few years since I shared a tour of my master bathroom and how I organize it. I’ve made some updates over time. I like to make gradual changes to keep things fresh! Plus, we’ve since had a baby boy, and since he shares our bathroom, that changes things a little. Like […]