How I Torture My Kids to Keep My House Clean {e.g. Kids Chores}

I hear a lot: I can’t keep my house clean because I have kids. While I totally get how kids are inevitably messy (mine STILL leave their socks everywhere no matter what I do about it), for me, my kids help our house stay clean. Weird, right? Let me explain. How My Kids Help Keep My Our Home […]

2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge

Introducing the 2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge!  Last year, the whole focus was on creating a good maintenance plan, so that the deep cleaning can happen year round. While I still want to help you set up good habits and routines by the end of this challenge, this year I want to focus on doing a […]

Back To School Prep Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE}

I’d prefer to live in denial or live in a place where school starts in September, but I don’t live in either of those places. For many of us, school starting is just around the corner! Does the idea of “Back-to-School” fill you with relief or dread? I feel a mixture. There is so much […]