Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 2

We’re already on Week 2 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge! We’re still focusing on Deep Cleaning this week. When we focus on Habits and Routines next week, you’ll be so glad to start with a clean house.  Get the Kids Involved! You are not in this alone. Kids should not only help maintain the house […]

Week #5: Reset Clean Routine {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

Four weeks of preparation leads us to this week. You are ready. You’ve Deep Cleaned, you’ve jump-started your Maintenance Plan, you’ve started a Laundry Routine, and you’ve planned the Cleaning Routine you are about to start. So now is the time. Keep Your House Clean without Stress. Follow a Clean Routine. As a reminder – […]

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

If you want your dishwasher to wash your dishes well, you have to actually wash the dishwasher itself from time to time. The anticipation and build-up for most of these miscellaneous tasks around the house is usually so much worse than the actual task itself. Cleaning the dishwasher is no exception. The actual hands-on work itself takes about 15 […]

Guests Coming? Quick Cleaning Strategies

On a regular basis, I think a little cleaning every day is all you need to maintain a clean enough home. (READ HERE: How To Have A Perfectly Clean House All The Time… or something like that). But still, there are those times we want the house clean all at the same time, especially if […]