Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 3 (Habits & Routines)

Keeping a clean home does not have to be a terrible experience! With the right Routines and Habits, you can keep your home clean on auto-pilot. It takes work getting the habits to stick, but it is sooo worth it! Make these changes one task, one day at a time. Week 2 Assignments Use this […]

How I Torture My Kids to Keep My House Clean {e.g. Kids Chores}

I hear a lot: I can’t keep my house clean because I have kids. While I totally get how kids are inevitably messy (mine STILL leave their socks everywhere no matter what I do about it), for me, my kids help our house stay clean. Weird, right? Let me explain. How My Kids Help Keep My Our Home […]

Spring Cleaning MUST HAVES

  Are you Spring Cleaning? Make sure you have everything you need to make cleaning as easy as possible. Here is the list of all the cleaning must-haves!  Basic Cleaning Sprays Basic H2 – This is a concentrate I’ve used for more than 6 years, before I ever started blogging. I started using it because […]

Week #5: Reset Clean Routine {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

Four weeks of preparation leads us to this week. You are ready. You’ve Deep Cleaned, you’ve jump-started your Maintenance Plan, you’ve started a Laundry Routine, and you’ve planned the Cleaning Routine you are about to start. So now is the time. Keep Your House Clean without Stress. Follow a Clean Routine. As a reminder – […]

6 Daily Habits to Keep A Clean Home

I have 6 Daily Habits that will Keep Your Home Clean. The good thing about this list is that these aren’t hard or time consuming. I have a lot of other things I want to do with my time besides clean – how about you? These habits will make the biggest difference in making your home feel […]