The Painless Way Of Purging Closets

You should love all the clothes in your closet. All the stuff that you feel blah about is blocking you from seeing all the stuff you like! I shared this picture on Instagram, and you agreed: you want a party in your closet!   Let’s Make it Easy If you’re having a tough time trimming down […]

Peek In My Coat Closet

I think the curiosity to see behind the closed doors of our friends and family is natural. Recently I read that 40% of houseguests admit to snooping around the house! As a professional organizer, I think people feel extra curiosity … so I’d up that to 75% at least! Even though I don’t think this closet […]

Peek Inside My Linen Closet {Updated}

I showed my linen closet a long time ago and since it has been updated for a long time now … how about I show you? I’ve always had a thing for laundry baskets. Even though I use only one for my laundry, I have a lot more around the house for organizing. This closet […]

Organize The Closet Under The Stairs {Update}

Closets underneath stairs can be awkward, no doubt! I’ve shown you how I’ve organized this closet in the past, but I’ve given it an update. I’ve replaced all of the hodge-podge shelves with uniform shelves from IKEA. I like the price of these shelves as well as the ability to find different height and different […]

Week #13 – Storage & Closets {91 Day Declutter Challenge 2016}

The original content of this post has been removed because the 2016 Challenge has finished. The 91 Day Declutter Challenge runs right here every January! It is worth coming back for – See what people had to say about their experience this year! In the meantime … Other inspiration for Storage & Closets Organizing the Closet […]

Week 8 – Storage Areas & Closet {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** This is the assignment for Week 8 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. This week we are decluttering our storage areas and closets. This week’s assignments are a guide, but you may have different storage areas. I encourage you to make a list of your own storage areas, using […]

Week 12: Closets & Storage {91 Day De-Clutter}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** I knew when I selected closets & storage as a focus for a week that this would sound overwhelming to most people. I put this focus near the end of the challenge, because I didn’t want to clear out storage at the beginning so you could fill it […]

Organizing The Closet Under The Stairs

WARNING: Too many pictures!!! There is this closet underneath my stairs. It holds all of our games, puzzles, and kid art supplies. Around the corner of the back of the storage closet is where I store our 72-hour emergency kits and a little bit of our long-term emergency food storage. I wanted to organize the […]

Storage (The Love Home Challenge: Week 11)

Welcome back to week #11 of The Love Home Challenge! We have come so far!! Congratulations for making it to week 11! That is amazing. If you are just joining us now, jump right in with us. Better late than never! This week we are focusing on our storage areas. The more organized you keep […]