Decluttering With Children Underfoot

Normally clients find childcare for their kids while I help them (not that they have to for my sake, but they want to make the most of the time they’re paying me for), so my experience decluttering with children underfoot is formed by cleaning and decluttering with my four kids and what I hear from […]


Surviving Decluttering As A Couple

Even when we understand from an intellectual view that our stuff is just stuff, it can be difficult to fight our emotional ties to it. When you add the additional emotions and dynamics between a couple, decluttering can be even more complex, full of negotiations and compromises. <Now imagine angels singing in the background while […]

When in doubt - Get rid of it

When In Doubt, Get Rid Of It

This post was originally posted on February 12th, 2013, but it is worth a read as you prepare for the next 91 Day Declutter Challenge. While I take a minute to share an organizing thought, my 3 week old baby is sleeping peacefully next to me. I love hearing his little sleeping sounds. The last […]

Window, sill, clean.

Depression and Your Messy House

In a few-ish days, I’m going to be announcing all the details for the 5th Annual Declutter Challenge. As I prepare the materials for the challenge, I’ve got clutter and mess on my brain. I’m not a psychologist or a trained counselor, but I’ve had a lot of hands-on experience working with my organizing clients. […]

Balance Is A Myth -h

Balance Is A Myth

There is a question I get asked a lot – and I never quite know how to answer it honestly. I work really hard to keep my life and my house running smoothly, but inevitably it may still look easy from the outside looking in or it may even appear to run more perfectly than […]

Mary ORGANIZES - My favorite 2016 Decluttering Moment

It’s A Wrap: The 91 Day Declutter Challenge Success Stories

Every year I think this is the Best Declutter Challenge we’ve had yet. More lives are being changed. And since this is the 4th year and we have many repeat participants, I’m getting to see the lives that were touched years ago coming back for tune-ups, still celebrating that the changes have lasted and mentoring […]

Guiding Children to Declutter

Guiding Children to Declutter

Children come with all sorts of different organizing pre-sets. I have four children, and they all have a wildly different approach to helping around the house, finishing chores, keeping their own spaces tidy, and getting rid of things they don’t need or want anymore. They all have the same mother and father, and have had […]