DIY Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are disgusting. They just are, because people live in your house. I’m not talking about spills and stains, which may be part of your problem. I’m talking about gross disgusting dust, because despite what you may think: dust is not just on your furniture and baseboards.  There is Dust on Your Floor! Dust contains:  […]

DIY Tomato Cage Tutorial {Garden Tips}

Tomatoes are a huge part of our garden because we do so much with them. We use them for spaghetti sauce (fresh and frozen), salsa, tacos, salads, and more. We grow a lot of tomatoes and they all get used! As we re-did our garden foundation and raised beds this year, we thought we’d give […]

Building NEW Raised Garden Beds & Creating My Favorite Dirt Combo

I’ve been living in my backyard this summer. Every chance I get, every break I get from anything else – and we are in the backyard again. There is something so cathartic, so therapeutic about watching things grow in the garden. I heard a quote once that said something to the effect, “Want to teach […]