Organize Home Office Files (Paper Management!)

Files can be tricky, but they don’t have to be. Replace your old philosophy with a new, improved way of thinking about files. Old philosophy: Create a file folder for every type of incoming bill, invoice, receipt, etc. Save everything and file away. Wait until the file cabinet gets over-stuffed and impossible to use, then purge excess. […]

Piano Book Wall Organizer

My husband and I have an agreement that I squint when I look at his desk area. He keeps it orderly most of the time, but not all the time. It isn’t all his fault, though, because the kids pile their stuff on his desk all the time. After a bit of time paying attention to […]

Organizing Important Papers: The Safe

In my next post, I am showing you how I organize our home files. First, I want to show you what I do with our important papers. I decide what goes in this category based on: “what papers would be difficult to replace if my house burned down”. Lovely thought, I know. This includes obvious […]

Home Office Organization: The Reveal

When I start a new project with my clients, I always ask what they want the room like when we’re done. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that all my clients want their home offices to be a simple, peaceful space with self-maintaining systems. Not so shockingly, that is what we want for our home office too. There are so […]

Home Office Organization: Before Pictures

I took these before pictures in June, and took my sweet time completing this organization project. Of course, I started in the midst of morning sickness and pregnancy-onset-insomnia, so I had my reasons to go slow. Really, though, organizing our homes isn’t a race. The whole point is to start and progress, so I started […]