12 Beautiful & Functional Command Centers to Inspire

Some command centers manage to cross the line from useful over into works of art. These beautiful AND functional command centers deserve our notice. We can get so much inspiration for our own command centers. Here are 12 command centers to inspire you: Beautiful & Functional Command Centers – This command center from Home Remedies is a fabulous […]

My Command Center Redo

It’s been on my mind for a really long time to redo my Command Center, but I finally moved it from my “want to do” list to my “I’m doing this” list. The Summer Organizing Challenge was my perfect excuse to finally make it a priority.  Maybe yours too? Even though I shared How To Create A […]

How To KEEP Your Garage Organized

I have a friend that taught me a new term. She was telling me about her garage-organizing troubles and so I asked if she wanted any advice or help getting her garage in order. (She is a good friend – I don’t throw that offer around lightly!) She said “Oh no, we’re just messy garage […]

6 Daily Habits to Keep A Clean Home

I have 6 Daily Habits that will Keep Your Home Clean. The good thing about this list is that these aren’t hard or time consuming. I have a lot of other things I want to do with my time besides clean – how about you? These habits will make the biggest difference in making your home feel […]

Household Management Checklist – The HH List

This is the Printable that is my biggest secret for keeping my home maintained year-round. Read: The Art of Maintenance Living (and NOT Playing Catch-up All.The.Time!)  Of course, having a handy Household Checklist doesn’t do much unless you have a plan on how to use it regularly. The plan is to make it a part of […]

Organizing The Mary Way {Terms You Need To Know}

Welcome to the Mary ORGANIZES blog! I am so happy that you are reading this right now. If you’re new to the Mary ORGANIZES blog, there are some terms I use a lot that you need to know. Declutter – We talk about decluttering a lot, because it is the most important step of organizing. Decluttering […]