Big Huge List of Kid Chores (grouped by age)!

These are my suggestions, but you know your kids best. It’s always nice to have an idea what could be expected, so that you know if it is time to teach a new skill. Every time you introduce a new chore to your child, you’ll do it WITH THEM the first few times. Don’t just […]

5 Minute Organizing Projects: Small Games

As if there weren’t enough NEW things happening around here (remodeling and repairs started here today, the new planner season just started, and considering everything new that comes with moving and settling in a new area), I thought I’d start another new thing. I’ve shared quick tips for organizing that can be done very quickly, so now I’m […]

10 Inspiring Boy Rooms

Here are 10 inspiring boy bedrooms that look good and are organized. Kids can have fun in spaces that mom approves. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your little (or not so little anymore) man’s space? ~ 10 Inspiring Boy Rooms From Naptime Decorator – You had me at the sign! My little guy needs this immediately! The rest […]

10 Inspiring Girl Rooms

Here are 10 inspiring girl bedrooms that are beautiful and functional, crossing the lines between organized and art. Enjoy! ~ 10 Inspiring Girl Bedrooms From Design Loves Detail – Words can not express my appreciation for that hand-painted accent wall. That is not wall paper! The organizing is simple with shelves and drawers, but simple is my favorite. […]

Organize The Closet Under The Stairs {Update}

Closets underneath stairs can be awkward, no doubt! I’ve shown you how I’ve organized this closet in the past, but I’ve given it an update. I’ve replaced all of the hodge-podge shelves with uniform shelves from IKEA. I like the price of these shelves as well as the ability to find different height and different […]

Morning & Bath Time Grooming Baskets {This Is What I Do}

I have four kids and there are two kids’ bathrooms with baths. Yes, sometimes the little guy uses MY bathroom, but he is starting to transition to using the regular kids bathroom. I’m not going to pretend like 4 kids sharing two bathrooms is very hard … I think my kids live a pretty nice […]

Tour the Girls’ Bathroom

Today I am going to give you a little tour of my girls’ bathroom. We are lucky enough to have four bathrooms, and this is the third one I’ve shown on the blog. (You can see my Master Bathroom HERE or The Green Bathroom Here.) One of these days I’ll show you the little powder […]

Tour the Girls’ Clubhouse

When I showed how my three girls share a bedroom a few weeks ago (see their bedroom HERE), I mentioned how we shuffled around the bedrooms a little while ago to give my tween girls a hangout place in the house. We have the three girls close in age, and then a much younger brother. […]

Tour my Playroom-Family Room-Movie Theatre (all-in-one room)

Our playroom doubles as our family room, and sometimes even a little home movie theatre. As our kids grow older, I expect to change the look and feel of this room quite a bit. It definitely fits us now, though, and that is what matters. The organizing in this room is very simple and that […]

Boy’s Room Tour

A few year’s ago I shared my little boy’s nursery with you. It is still similar with some adjustments. {See his nursery here.} He had just turned 1 at the time and it honestly blows my mind that he just turned 3 last month. He is still my baby! I imagine I’ll still feel that […]