Kitchen Transformation in Progress {Renovation Update Phase 3}

It’s been a little while since an update on all the renovation happening around here. Things have just been so exciting with the Holidays and start of the Declutter Challenge and well, construction going on. All of this happened before Thanksgiving and before Flood #2 (I can laugh about it now). The timing of updating […]

Renovation: Materials Chosen and Painting Started (Phase 1)

Remember my Water Lalapalooza 2016 post? If you didn’t see that, I’ll summarize by saying that we had some water damage thanks to a missing washer on the hose of our washing machine. We took the list of repairs paid for by our home insurance and used the chance to add some upgrades. These were things on my […]

The Funny Things I Found In My New House

MOVING IS SO FUN! – said no one ever. This part of Texas is a seller’s market right now, so some home sellers are stretching the bounds of common decency because they can get away with it. We looked at a half-million dollar home that had only been on the market for a few days and […]

New House BEFORE Pictures (Finally!)

We moved furniture into this house on Labor Day weekend. In celebration of a month living in our new house in Texas, I thought I’d share the pictures I took the day before the furniture arrived. I call these the “before” pictures. Of all the homes I looked at, I chose this house, so obviously […]

Water Lalapalooza 2016

I just told you earlier this week that I had lots of plans of things to get done this week, but I got a little sidetracked to say the least. I also wanted to write a blog post about choosing paint colors, because there are lots of walls around here full of paint sample blobs […]

Kitchen Week – Love Home Challenge

You may be in denial, but the truth is clear: How a room looks has a large impact on how we feel in that room and in how well we function in that room. During the Declutter challenge, a comment I get several times during the Kitchen Week is some version of “It feels so good in […]

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies For Good

Fruit flies and produce go together like peanut butter and jelly, except I LIKE peanut butter and jelly and I HATE fruit flies. It’s not a problem, though, because when I start to notice them hanging around my fruit or in my pantry, I know how to get rid of them easily, quickly, and with […]

Organizing Spices (This Is What I Do)

There’s a million and one ways to organize spices well, but I’ll show you what works best for me. I organize my spices in my drawer. The drawer is right next to the stove top and right across from the island, which are the two places where I use spices the most. I am always close […]

Kitchen Tour Update {2016}

I almost feel bad about this title, like I’m teasing you into some big post full of pictures of my kitchen. I do have two pictures I’ve never shown before, so yeah, maybe I should have made the title even more exciting. I’ve shared my kitchen several times on the blog. Let’s review – Kitchen Tour […]