Big Huge List of Kid Chores (grouped by age)!

These are my suggestions, but you know your kids best. It’s always nice to have an idea what could be expected, so that you know if it is time to teach a new skill. Every time you introduce a new chore to your child, you’ll do it WITH THEM the first few times. Don’t just […]

Seasonal Budget FREE Printable {Holiday Guide}

Today I have another holiday printable for you: A seasonal budget. I imagine you’re giving me the slow clap right now because you are so excited. Let me just think that, okay? I think the printable explains itself, but remember to stay in your budget. Our children really don’t want all the stuff we think they […]

Moving? 10 Things A Professional Organizer Buys FIRST

I love being a Professional Organizer! Part of what I do for my clients is help strategize the best approach to tricky situations. Do you have a whole bunch of rooms that are a cluttered mess and you don’t know where to start? I help clients figure out where to start. I bet you already know that […]

Back To School Prep Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE}

I’d prefer to live in denial or live in a place where school starts in September, but I don’t live in either of those places. For many of us, school starting is just around the corner! Does the idea of “Back-to-School” fill you with relief or dread? I feel a mixture. There is so much […]

The Wrap: Summer Organizing Challenge {FREE PRINTABLE}

It is hard to believe that five weeks has already gone by and that summer itself is flying by. I’ve really enjoyed these 5 weeks of projects, and from what I hear – so have you. We’ve definitely tackled some problem areas  and even had a little fun. Let’s review – Week #1 – 68 […]

Kids Chores and Routines Checklists

You might remember me mentioning in my post about our Quarter Jar Reward System that I have some wonderfully normal children. Beautiful, smart, clever, and amazingly normal when it comes to needing reminders and help to do what they are supposed to do. For a while I felt like I needed to record my voice after […]

Household Management Checklist – The HH List

This is the Printable that is my biggest secret for keeping my home maintained year-round. Read: The Art of Maintenance Living (and NOT Playing Catch-up All.The.Time!)  Of course, having a handy Household Checklist doesn’t do much unless you have a plan on how to use it regularly. The plan is to make it a part of […]

14 Homemade Gift Ideas

I’ve been in such a crafting mood lately! Creating something, especially useful or beautiful things, has been so good for my sanity. I was searching blog-land for homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and found so many good ones that I had to share with you. I know I won’t have time to make them all, but […]

Holiday Meal Planner {Perfect for Thanksgiving!}

  In the past 12 years, I’ve hosted Thanksgiving 10 times. This FREE Holiday Meal Planning Printable lets you organize your meal the same way I do. It prompts me to remember all the parts of the meal that I might forget, helps me puts all my thoughts in one place and organize my efforts. […]