Master Bedroom Tour {2016 Edition}

My Master Bedroom – the place that isn’t about kids or work or responsibilities. It is the place I rest from all of those things. There is an epidemic I see, where people treat their bedrooms like dumping grounds. I think it starts that way because we can close the door when company comes. This makes me […]

Week #5 – Master Bedroom {91 Day Declutter Challenge 2016}

The original content of this post has been removed because the 2016 Challenge has finished. The 91 Day Declutter Challenge runs right here every January! It is worth coming back for – See what people had to say about their experience this year! In the meantime … Other inspiration for the Master Master Bedroom Tour My Master Bedroom […]

Master Bathroom Tour & Organizing Tips

It has been a few years since I shared a tour of my master bathroom and how I organize it. I’ve made some updates over time. I like to make gradual changes to keep things fresh! Plus, we’ve since had a baby boy, and since he shares our bathroom, that changes things a little. Like […]

Master Bedroom Closet Tour

Up until now I’ve not shown much of my closet on the blog. It isn’t because it is a big secret, I really just don’t know how to take pictures in closets very well. I’ve decided that doesn’t really matter, because if you are still reading my blog after all this time, you’ve already discovered […]

Master Bedroom Tour

During past declutter challenges, I try to work at least a week ahead in my home so that I can be inspired during the process to make tweaks to the system and support you better. This time I’m enjoying working through the process WITH you. It is definitely more fun this way! And I love […]

Week 2 – Master Bath & Closet {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** This is the assignment for Week 2 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. For the first time, I’ve separated the bathroom and closet from the master bedroom. I want to give you a chance to really get the entire master suite nicely decluttered! If the master bedroom is […]

Week 1 – Master Bedroom {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** This is the assignment for Week 1 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. Whether you are single or married, YOUR bedroom is where you start and end your day. It should be a sanctuary, a place you can relax and think. So many people use their […]

Week 4: Master Bedroom Suite {91 Day De-Clutter}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** In my opinion, the master bedroom should be a sanctuary for every married couple. This is the most important room for me to keep clean and organized. I put pictures of our wedding day, of my husband and I together, or I decorate with just beautiful things that make […]