Organize Home Office Files (Paper Management!)

Files can be tricky, but they don’t have to be. Replace your old philosophy with a new, improved way of thinking about files. Old philosophy: Create a file folder for every type of incoming bill, invoice, receipt, etc. Save everything and file away. Wait until the file cabinet gets over-stuffed and impossible to use, then purge excess. […]

Protecting My Christmas Tree Cord

We bought a new Christmas tree this year. And I did something I’ve never done before: I bought a pre-lit tree. I was so terrified of plugging it in and the lights just NOT turning on. We ended up braving a pre-lit tree mostly because I wanted a tall tree for my tall ceiling, but didn’t […]

Tour my Little Office Nook

Tuesday I showed you my husband’s office, which is the main office of our home, but there is another office in the house. It is so tiny, that I refer to it as “my desk”. As in when I tell my children to “go put your folder on my desk”. Before I created my studio […]

Tour the Updated Office

The office has seen many different looks in the last few years. We used to have big shelves up at the back of the room, but I stopped liking them. They just felt like dust collectors and I felt such a pressure to feel them with stuff. And really, I just wanted to get rid of […]

Week #10 – Office {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

The original content of this post has been removed because the 2016 Challenge has finished. The 91 Day Declutter Challenge runs right here every January! It is worth coming back for – See what people had to say about their experience this year! In the meantime … Other inspiration for the Office Home Office: Organizing Files Home […]

Home Office In Progress {Step 1: Declutter}

Last week the declutter challenge focused on our home office spaces. I took decluttering the office to the extreme. When we first moved in almost 4 years ago, I wanted shelves across the back wall to look like built-ins. That sounds really nice in theory, but in actuality, the shelves were giant dust and clutter […]

Week 7 – Office & Paper Clutter {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** This is the assignment for Week 7 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. Woohoo!! Time to declutter the office and paper clutter! Oh yeah, this is the week you’ve been waiting for, right?! <crickets> Okay, okay, maybe not “waiting”, but maybe “needing”. You need to get the paper […]

Week 3: Office Area {91 Day De-Clutter}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** {Reminder: This Challenge is about getting rid of junk and clutter, not in getting each of these spaces perfectly organized and decorated. If you have time for that, so be it. JUST FOCUS ON GETTING THE JUNK OUT!! Read more info about the challenge and the FAQs HERE. All you really […]

Piano Book Wall Organizer

My husband and I have an agreement that I squint when I look at his desk area. He keeps it orderly most of the time, but not all the time. It isn’t all his fault, though, because the kids pile their stuff on his desk all the time. After a bit of time paying attention to […]