Functionality – Love Home Challenge

This is the 5th week of the Love Home Challenge. I hope you are already feeling better in your home, but we aren’t done yet! Let’s keep this party going. This week is all about Functionality. We will focus on adding or fixing functionality that will help you Love Your Home more. The best assignment options […]

Organizing First Aid Supplies (This Is What I Do)

It’s good to store things nearby where you use them, and I noticed that I was always dragging First Aid Supplies to this bathroom to clean up scrapes and bandage up the wounded. It only made sense to set up shop for First Aid Supplies right here in our half bath we call the Powder Bathroom. […]

Organizing Spices (This Is What I Do)

There’s a million and one ways to organize spices well, but I’ll show you what works best for me. I organize my spices in my drawer. The drawer is right next to the stove top and right across from the island, which are the two places where I use spices the most. I am always close […]

Introducing The Summer Organizing Challenge

This year I am guiding you through Loving Your Home Again. We started in January with the big 91 Day Declutter Challenge, then next was the Spring Cleaning Challenge in April, and Garage Week in May. Now you are ready to start putting things where they go and creating manageable systems in your home. You […]

What You Can Do

There are things I don’t do well, and sometimes I get so caught up focusing on those things, that I stop doing the things I can do. One of John Wooden’s best pieces of advice is “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Another way of saying that is “don’t let […]

Organizing The Mary Way {Terms You Need To Know}

Welcome to the Mary ORGANIZES blog! I am so happy that you are reading this right now. If you’re new to the Mary ORGANIZES blog, there are some terms I use a lot that you need to know. Declutter – We talk about decluttering a lot, because it is the most important step of organizing. Decluttering […]

How to Organize {Detailed Guide}

Learning the organizing process means taking the big overwhelming task of organizing a space and breaking it down into achievable small parts. It doesn’t matter if organizing comes naturally, you can learn the skills and practice one junk drawer at a time. 6 Steps of Organizing Step 1 – Declutter If you try to organize without […]