When In Doubt, Get Rid Of It

This post was originally posted on February 12th, 2013, but it is worth a read as you prepare for the next 91 Day Declutter Challenge. While I take a minute to share an organizing thought, my 3 week old baby is sleeping peacefully next to me. I love hearing his little sleeping sounds. The last […]

68 Simple Places To Organize {Week #1 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

Welcome to the Summer Organizing Challenge! Before we get started, you may want to consider purchasing the Summer Organizing Challenge Printable: It has all the information from today’s blog post displayed in worksheet format! Also, see the next 4 weeks of challenges early! What lies ahead?! It’s different every week! Get all the bonus help […]

The Clutter of Containers

I see you there across the aisle. My heart races. My pulse quickens. I want you. You’re empty and I want to fill you with only good things, because you deserve only good things. I’ve felt this way before with versions of you in various shapes and sizes, and colors … so many colors. I want to take […]

How to Organize {Detailed Guide}

Learning the organizing process means taking the big overwhelming task of organizing a space and breaking it down into achievable small parts. It doesn’t matter if organizing comes naturally, you can learn the skills and practice one junk drawer at a time. 6 Steps of Organizing Step 1 – Declutter If you try to organize without […]

Want to Get Organized? –> Start Here.

Have you ever heard the idea that as you work to become better at something specific, you also become good at unrelated things as a side effect? For instance, my daughter told me last year “I’m not good at spelling. I’m good at math, but not spelling.” But just a few weeks ago she won […]

Big Change Requires Big Effort

If you’ve read very much on my blog, you know that I am all about a balanced approach to keeping up your home. A little here, a little there, and it really does add up. This realistic, more balanced approach is the key to maintenance. But what if you don’t want to just maintain? What […]

Let Go Of {unused & unwanted} Holiday Items This Season

Have you ever experienced something like this? At the start of a holiday, you pull out your seasonal decorations.  You examine them, you are happy to see some favorites emerge. Then you look at some of it and wonder – “What was I thinking” or “That doesn’t really fit anymore” or “Do you think so-and-so […]

Stop Telling Your Child To Clean Their Room IF …

Right now many of you are de-cluttering your children’s room as a part of our 91 Day De-Clutter Challenge. While we are working in our children’s spaces during this challenge, I am reminded of a topic I’ve meant to share for a long time. Sometimes, families develop patterns that can do harm in the hearts and […]