Organizing The Mary Way {Terms You Need To Know}

Welcome to the Mary ORGANIZES blog! I am so happy that you are reading this right now. If you’re new to the Mary ORGANIZES blog, there are some terms I use a lot that you need to know. Declutter – We talk about decluttering a lot, because it is the most important step of organizing. Decluttering […]

Week 7 – Office & Paper Clutter {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** This is the assignment for Week 7 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. Woohoo!! Time to declutter the office and paper clutter! Oh yeah, this is the week you’ve been waiting for, right?! <crickets> Okay, okay, maybe not “waiting”, but maybe “needing”. You need to get the paper […]

Make Your Own Business Card Booklet

Whatever your profession, you might find yourself at conferences. Every conference I’ve ever been to, I end up with a ton of business cards. One of the great parts of conferences is networking with the other people there, so I want to keep the cards to remind me of conversations and people I’ve met. I […]

My New Love/Obsession: Arc Notebooks!!!

Just to be clear, I am not being paid or compensated for this in any way. This is something just too fun not to share!! I have a new love affair and I just want to tell the world. A few organizing friends of mine are always talking about their arc books or their discbound […]

Daily Schedule FREE Printable

The best to do list is one that is given a timeline. This is why my very favorite kind of to do list is one written out on a schedule. This helps me mentally step through how I will accomplish things and plan things to be more efficient logistically. All that makes my time more […]

Week #10: Landing Areas (91 Day De-Clutter Challenge)

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** Landing Areas. Oh boy. This week might feel like a can of worms, but if you can make it to the end and actually get all those worms cleaned up: imagine that. Landing areas are places that collect clutter on a daily basis. The mail we leave on […]

Change Your Life With: Weekly H.M. Sessions

Do you wish you had more time? What if I told you there was a way of stream-lining some of your responsibilities and creating more time in your week? Your work as a Household Manager (which sometimes feels like a secretarial position) can feel all-consuming. ~~~Where do the kids go and when? Has that bill […]