12 Beautiful & Functional Command Centers to Inspire

Some command centers manage to cross the line from useful over into works of art. These beautiful AND functional command centers deserve our notice. We can get so much inspiration for our own command centers. Here are 12 command centers to inspire you: Beautiful & Functional Command Centers – This command center from Home Remedies is a fabulous […]

My Command Center Redo

It’s been on my mind for a really long time to redo my Command Center, but I finally moved it from my “want to do” list to my “I’m doing this” list. The Summer Organizing Challenge was my perfect excuse to finally make it a priority.  Maybe yours too? Even though I shared How To Create A […]

68 Simple Places To Organize {Week #1 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

Welcome to the Summer Organizing Challenge! Before we get started, you may want to consider purchasing the Summer Organizing Challenge Printable: It has all the information from today’s blog post displayed in worksheet format! Also, see the next 4 weeks of challenges early! What lies ahead?! It’s different every week! Get all the bonus help […]

How To KEEP Your Garage Organized

I have a friend that taught me a new term. She was telling me about her garage-organizing troubles and so I asked if she wanted any advice or help getting her garage in order. (She is a good friend – I don’t throw that offer around lightly!) She said “Oh no, we’re just messy garage […]

Why Plan?

Why plan? Because planning creates a path to big changes and big successes. Winging it is a strategy that has its time and place to shine, but planning is a good idea most of the time. Can you imagine going in for a haircut and telling your stylist to start chopping and go wherever the […]