Back To School Prep Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE}

I’d prefer to live in denial or live in a place where school starts in September, but I don’t live in either of those places. For many of us, school starting is just around the corner! Does the idea of “Back-to-School” fill you with relief or dread? I feel a mixture. There is so much […]

Shaklee Stuff You Need This School Year!!!

School starts here next Monday. NEXT MONDAY!!! It is a very special first day of school since it is also my twins’ birthday. Poor things always have their birthday the first week of school.  I think we’re actually ready. Imagine that! Since I’m traveling the rest of this week, I needed to be ready. School supplies […]

Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

Call it a bribe or whatever you want, but I think it’s nice to give teachers a gift at the beginning of the school year. Why not start off on a positive note with the person who will be with my child so much during the school year? I’ve noticed teachers pens can go missing […]

Piano Book Wall Organizer

My husband and I have an agreement that I squint when I look at his desk area. He keeps it orderly most of the time, but not all the time. It isn’t all his fault, though, because the kids pile their stuff on his desk all the time. After a bit of time paying attention to […]

Ready for Summer

Because of snow days, tomorrow is our last day of school this year. This spring was such a whirlwind that I was feeling really nervous about going into summer feeling totally frazzled. I hate feeling un-prepared for something so big like a major shift in seasons and schedules. I knew that if I started summer without […]

Mini-Frozen Pizzas {For Busy Nights or Lunchboxes!}

I’m a big believer in homemade when it is better homemade. Homemade pizza is hard to beat! When I was creating the school lunch menu for my children, I decided to add in a pizza day. The easiest way to do this was to come up with a version that I could make in individual […]

Practical Tips to Get Organized This School Year!

My kids started school yesterday! Aren’t they adorable?! Preparing to shift to Back to School mode! Whether you’re kids have started or not, these tips will help you have a great start to the school year getting into great routines right from the start! I’ve bolded my favorites (as of right now), so if you […]