2016 Holiday Guide {FREE PRINTABLE}

It’s THAT time of year again. The time we should see a mile away, thanks to the Christmas stuff that has been in the stores for more than a month now, but somehow it sneaks up on us anyway. Over the weekend, I mentioned to Matt that I was working on the 2016 Holiday Guide […]

Shopping and Errand Organizing Printable

I’ve updated another “old” (read: tried and true) printable. This is one of those printables you don’t know you need until you try it – then you won’t want to live without it during the holidays ever again! So much of my inspiration comes from filling my own needs. Before I created this printable, every […]

Holiday Meal Planner {Perfect for Thanksgiving!}

  In the past 12 years, I’ve hosted Thanksgiving 10 times. This FREE Holiday Meal Planning Printable lets you organize your meal the same way I do. It prompts me to remember all the parts of the meal that I might forget, helps me puts all my thoughts in one place and organize my efforts. […]

Holiday Guide: Calendar & Checklist {2015 Edition}

I’m back with the 2015 Edition of My Holiday Guide. This Checklist and Calendar will help you take control of the next few months. Get ahead of the craziness and keep your sanity! And one exceptional feature of my guide – IT IS FREE! Consider it my Christmas gift to you. And that isn’t all, […]

Your Holiday Guide: The Six Week Countdown

~~I know, I know, the 6 week countdown actually started last Thursday. Oops!! I have been so busy behind the scenes getting my planners ready to launch that I forgot to post this. I originally wrote this piece for the All Organized Magazine (find it in the apple newsstand) and I’ve been given permission to repost it […]

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Since last Thanksgiving, thousands of people have downloaded my Thanksgiving Menu and Meal Prep Planner. It really is the simplest way to prepare and get organized for Thanksgiving. Since I’ve been married 10 years ago, most Thanksgivings have been hosted at my house. This is the sheet I use, and once you use it, you […]

Thanksgiving Place Cards (FREE PRINTABLE)

Thanksgiving place cards, but not just place cards. Let’s call them multi-purpose cards. Use them for assigning seats, labeling dishes, or as a place to write a note of thanks. You’ve got options! So many options! (Download the PDF Printable HERE.) They look great on any Thanksgiving table! Just imagine how much better they could […]

Thanksgiving Meal Planner

I’ve been waiting a year to share this post with you. I didn’t realize until the night before Thanksgiving last year that my little method of planning out our meal, then written on notebook paper with a pencil, had been saving my Thanksgiving sanity for years. I planned then to share it this year. I’ve […]

Holiday Survival Guide & Calendar (November Edition)

Let me begin by saying this guide is for regular people – you know the ones that haven’t finished all their Christmas shopping yet. Ha! I am just going to say this: I am not an advocate for Christmas prep in July. I say enjoy the season you are in. When it is summer, drink […]

Happy Thanksgiving! (Baby Update)

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many blessings on my mind right now. At the front of my thoughts is this baby I’m cooking up. Each phase of this pregnancy has had some challenges, but nothing I wouldn’t endure times a million for this bundle coming. Despite all the sickness and feeling like I don’t know […]